Dustless Tile Removal in Port Stephens


Efficient tile removal with no mess!


Tile removal is a notoriously messy job, but not when handled by Benchmark Bathroom Renovations. Usually removing tiles takes many days or sometimes even weeks to be completed properly, which leads homeowners to avoid the hassle of such a project.

Having done this for 15 years, we understand your apprehension. You don’t want people making a mess and doing loud, labour-intensive work in your house for a week. You want to get home and relax. That is where we have the ultimate solution for you—dustless tile removal. This is a groundbreaking new process which cleanly removes tiles and provides you a smooth surface ready for new installation.

Here’s how it works—instead of breaking the tiles from the floor and kicking up dust and chipped tiles everywhere, we use industrial vacuums to pick up the mess as the work is being done. This not only cuts the time down by more than half but prevents 99% of the dust spreading that usually occurs when removing tiles and smoothing out your floor!

When you ask Benchmark Bathroom Renovations for dustless tile removal, you’ll get:


  • A team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience that you can trust & rely on
  • Those old tiles removed & a new perfectly smooth floor!
  • The work you want done, with none of the hassle
  • All of the quality, with none of the mess
  • Top-notch work in less than half the time
Dustless Tiles — Bathroom Renovations in Port Stephens, NSW